Al Aali Burial Mounds in Riffa. Bahrain, one of the smallest countries in the world, contains a graveyard that dates back to pre-history and contains 300,000 tombs. The largest and most splendid temple surviving in Western Asia is at Barbar area.   The French archaeologist teams, Pierre Lumpar, said the people of Delmon used to build their tombs during their lifetime, adding that these tombs used to take the shapes of towers. During unearthing archaeologist found eight large cemeteries including between 170-200 tombs including Royal tombs dates back to the third millennium BC which is still exist, these royal tombs extending under the current village which is built between the tombs. A British excavation team carried out drilling and digging works at Sa’ar site and the excavators could unveiled 70 houses. Chief of the archaeologists team in the downtown of al-Bamam Island, Kham Faraj, said, “We believe this grave is for a royal family from the Delmon age because it is the largest grave discovered so far.”   He explained that the grave contains “three circular walls to protect the main grave. There are three smaller graves, which we think belong to members of the royal family.” Faraj added that the new discovery will help in a better understanding for the ancient civilization of Delmon. Another collective grave was also discovered at the same site which includes 4,000 graves including 39 for children and adolescents. In addition to that archaeologists also discovered two bronze swords as well as skeletons and sculptures and stamps made of bronze or pottery and other artifacts.   This made the archaeologist to believe that at that time the island (Bahrain) was used as a collective grave since ancient times