American Mission Hospital AMH located in Manama Bahrain maintains a century-long commitment to provide quality, affordable medical services to all who seek our care, to carefully manage the process by which quality care is delivered, and to embody the Biblical principles of Grace, Truth and Love.

American Mission Hospital has been providing healthcare for the people of Bahrain for over a hundred years in a non-profit setting. The ideals by which AMH was first established have remained unchanged in over a century of service. The ideals that drive American Mission Hospital in Bahrain today and into the future are based on the following tenants:

  • The provision of affordable high quality care in a non-profit setting.
  • The delivery of care to be patient centered with the sole focus of doing what is right for the patient at all times.
  • Care that is delivered as a team that allows us to harness the expertise of all of the team members and help nurture the development of every employee to fulfill their role in the organization.
  • To pursue excellence in everything we do with absolute integrity.
  • A willingness to adapt to the changing needs of the people we serve.