Located in the city of Manama’s, Beit Al Qur’an or “House of Qur’an was inaugurated in march 1990. It is a typical specialized a Museum consisting of several floors and characterized by a most distinctly Islamic design.

The Beit Al – Qur’an house ancient manuscripts of the Holy Auarn, that have been, collected form there Islamic World, in general and from Notth Africa, I ran, I India, and China. in particular. It also displays great Islamic Artifacts, Jewelry and gold-ornamented glass utensil, indicated the great Islamic heritage arts that have had an influence throughout the world.

The building also includes a lecture hall provide with sophisticated equipment, a library of scientific and Islamic reference books, and an Arabic calligraphy exhibition and translation of the Qur’an into several languages, it definitely worth visiting as part of Bahrain touristic landmarks.

Information Source: Bahrain Tourism