Delmon University located in Manama on Exhibition Road beside Gosi Complex, have long endeavored to put higher education where it belongs. DU aims is to serve the studious intellectuals and provide diversified higher education opportunities in all fields and at all levels in accord with academic quality standards, to turn out highly qualified Bahraini and Arab specialists who can participate in the social and economical development. The University strives, further, for continual improvement of all fields of knowledge through academic research which aims at consolidating academic and teaching capabilities; to contribute actively in the development of Bahraini and Arab society and promoting the performance of its various constitutions.

Delmon University mission is to provide a dignified life and to build a bright future for our students and society. Delmon University received its first group of students at the beginning of the fall semester in 2004, with 562 students eager to learn under the Bachelor of Business Administration program. Thus began Delmon crossed spaced steps and leaps high to support the Kingdom went to build a high-quality education to serve Bahrain and the region.

Delmon contains colleges for undergraduate programs:

Faculty of Business Administration and Financial Sciences.
Faculty of Information Technology.
College of Law.
Faculty of Education.
Faculty of Arts.
Faculty of Science.

Delmon University consists of three deanships, namely, (Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Deanship of regional programs and Deanship of Student Affairs), to provide various services to students and society, whether kind of services like admissions and registration, as well as to services provided during the study, but beyond that in some deanships to oversee the entire special programs at various bachelors and master. The University has high efficiency and long experience faculty member in the field of education inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.