Devji Jewellery in Bahrain, “For centuries wars have been fought over it, kingdoms have been lost and won, lives have been sacrificed and taken…’ such is the glory of the yellow metal. The sheen, the luster and the intrinsic value of this metal is acknowledged world wide. It has been desired and will continue to be desired for centuries to come.”

Devji since 1950, the name that stands for gold came into a humble beginning in the year 1947. A young boy with high aspirations set foot into the Kingdom of Bahrain at the age of ten with his parents. He had nothing to call his own except for determination, a will to work hard, succeed and solid principles. The young man was the late Devji Ramji, the founder father of Devji since 1950. The foundation to the company was laid by this noble soul and today the company operates under the guidance and vision of its Chairman Mr. Bhaskar Devji on the very same philosophy, believing in strong business ethics providing quality, value and service to its valued customers. These invisible labels accompanying each Devji product helped Devji to become a name that stands for trust across the gulf countries.

Purity: Devji’s jewellery is made from the purest of refined alloys, ensuring that the jewellery obtains the true color of pure gold. The gold is totally Cadmium free, which ensures the jewellery has no wastage; hence the client obtains total value for money.

Quality: Quality has been the primary commitment of Devji. Special care is taken by Devji’s Quality control department at every stage from conceptualization to the final product to ensure that the highest standard of quality is maintained in every piece of jewellery manufactured by Devji.

Craftsmanship: Devji has very high standards in the process of visualizing a design and shaping it into a piece of fine jewellery. In house designers and craftsmen who are the best in the industry make sure that every piece of Devji jewellery gets the eminence and superiority it deserves. The vast collections are a testimonial to this.

Value: Devji endorses its commitment to provide value to its loyal clientele with the introduction of its loyalty card programs. The Devji Gold card loyalty program, the first loyalty card program for gold jewellery in the entire gulf, ensures that the customers of Devji are given the privilege of enjoying a host of services.