Discover Islam in Bahrain is a non profit organization that was established in June 1987 dedicated to introduce the true Islamic teachings to the wide public and actively correct the negative image distorted and presented to the public by the media.

Discover Islam Bahrain aim is to establish a proper and balanced understanding of Islam. This means that not only non-Muslims should be involved and invited to Islam but also Muslim’s demands should be fulfilled with helping them to understand and apply Islam in their everyday practice. To achieve these objectives, Discover Islam is committed to provide correct information from accredited sources about Islam, the Islamic beliefs, history, practices, and civilization, and to use all the tools available within the Islamic guidelines.

The Centre produces and distributes high-quality, scholarly educational products including books, pamphlets, audio and video tapes, CD’s and other resource materials, and provides a 24-hour live internet television channel and offers its publications free of charge to the inquirers from and around the world. It conducts classes in various languages to those who seek to study Islam and helps new entrants to Islam in enhancing their knowledge of Islam.

To get Islamic Education in Bahrain call or visit Discover Islam in Hoora at Baraka Building or in Discover Islam in Riffa.

Discover Islam seeks out and welcomes dialogue and symbiosis with other faith-communities, academic institutions, associations, societies and individuals and groups of people that share the common goal of breaking new ground in the enterprise of mutual understanding and respect between peoples of all faiths by way of holding regular seminars, lectures, and discussions on topics of current interest to provide learning opportunities to enhance accurate understanding of Islam.