Dolphin Park Bahrain – Holidays for everyone – No age limits – No single supplements – No experience required Dolphins & Sea Lions – There are currently 2 dolphins & 3 Sea Lions at the Dolphin Park. The dolphins & Sea Lions perform for about 15 minutes performing graceful water tricks. At one point the whale trainer gets in the water and together the dolphins and the trainer dance. Games Room – For family amusement, the park has “jumping ride machines” and “Skill Games” which feature basket ball, softball, and other simple games for prizes.

Cost of games is 100 to 200 fils. There is also an electronic game room and a pool room. Restaurant – The Dolphin Resort has an oriental restaurant and coffee shop that prepares fresh seafood and meat dishes with fast food items. If in a hurry, a small store located at the Dolphin Park sells candy, popcorn and drinks refreshments. There is also as mall stand that sells fresh grilled corn and grilled meat on a stick.