EQUILIBRIUM in Saar Bahrain, has taken on the serious business of transforming Pilates, and feel-good fitness classes to a new level of excellence and enjoyment, all within an elegant ambiance and functional facilities.

With EQUILIBRIUM, you will experience the exhilaration of owning a body that moves more freely and efficiently without pain or limitation, capable of all the possibilities inherent in its design. You will also see the results of this deep restructuring in the mirror: your reflection will be leaner, stronger, graceful and full of life!

EQUILIBRIUMs dedicated to providing an environment that supports this process of change. However, positive change requires hard work, persistence and consistency. We promise to partner with you in this process.

Create real change in your body. Real and lasting physical change involves strengthening the deeper muscles of the body, creating correct alignment and functioning of the joints through an intelligent, scientific approach to movement. Body and mind connection is the key to achieving the ultimate EQUILIBRIUM and performance. Precision, concentration, flow, control, breath, is main essential elements in Pilates.