Visit ILC Training in Adliya. Want to truly learn English in Bahrain than ILC is the perfect place to start. In a world where English familiarity is often mistaken for English fluency, ILC believes that who is doing the teaching and the quality of instruction are two of the most important factors to successful learning. This is why ILC provides a world-class curriculum taught by excellent, native English-speaking trainers.

ILC offers Advance to Beginner English Classes in Bahrain. ILC has designed specific need products (Thrive) Advance, Boost, Explore, Community for English Learning and also provide accommodation arrangement for those who are not living in Bahrain.

If you want to learn English from Americans in a setting tailored to meet your needs, ILC is your new home. It is the best place for you to study English in Bahrain. Conveniently located near the center of Bahrain, ILC’s Adliya location is easily accessible from anywhere in the country.