Bahrain Ministry of Interior Police Media Centre is part of the continuing development strategy adopted by the Ministry under the leadership of the His Excellency Minister of Interior Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa. The Police Media Centre has been set up with the purpose of reaching out to the media and maintain round-the-clock contact with the print and electronic resources in Bahrain and elsewhere in the Arab world.

MOI Bahrain serves as the main source of interaction between the media and the ministry, the centre’s focus is on transparency while imparting information. The centre is dedicated to providing 24-hour coverage of the news, activities and events concerning the ministry. It is the primary source for all media entities looking for news and information and offers the same to government departments and directorates as well, besides updating the latter with the latest developments on local and regional issues. In addition to interacting with the media organisations and the departments in various ministries, the Media Centre also offers a host of services to the public and visitors through answering their queries and offering them services they might require.