Omear Fahim is an upcoming freelance photographer and editor, who has been working in this area for the past year. What began as a part time hobby has now become his passion and workline. Residing in Bahrain and a former student at Government College of Commerce and Economics, Omear has been one of those talents who have launched themselves on Facebook. His webpage is named Omear Fahim Photography, where he is providing event photography and editing services. Initially his clientele was limited to family members and friends, but now he is taking up more projects.

He has provided his services at weddings, conferences, seminars, concerts, outdoor events, model photography, and school and college students photography. He has also been involved in designing books, brochures and albums for different clients.

His originality comes from the fact that he is able to establish a good rapport with his clientele, which creates a relaxed atmosphere around him. This translates into his photographs, which provide genuine moments rather than portraits of commercial taste. Omear Fahim therefore, has brought innovation by creating a more personalized service of one of the most important functions: storing precious memories.