Ponderosa Steakhouse is a leading family steakhouse chain known for providing great tasting food in a friendly and family atmosphere.

The wide range of choices has cemented it as the right destination for people of differing tastes looking for a balanced combination of delicious food with healthy options.

The perfect venue for a day out with the family, the restaurant has gained a reputation for its extensive grand buffet at BD 4.5 available everyday. Guest will enjoy a lavish buffet filled with delicious options including soups, fresh salads, pasta and a whole lot more.

Ponderosa’s steaks include T-Bone, rib eye, sirloin and filet Mignon, while there are also steak and sea food combinations. Steak n’ chicken, steakhouse burger, grilled sandwiches and there’s even a wide range of sweets and cakes like tiramisu, banana split, and cheese cakes to end your dining session.

The sundae bar will please the children, and Ponderosa has also crafted fun activities such as coloring competition, fun rides and kids buffets at the affordable price of BD 1.9 for any special event or birthday parties.

Ponderosa Steak House is a dining destination at affordable pricing, relaxed and comfortable for the entire family.